Things to do in Kathmandu valley

Experience the adventure as you wander in the ancient capital of Kathmandu which is a complete blend of art, history and culture.

The things to do in Kathmandu include:

• Witness the beautiful Durbar Squares:

The artistic pagoda structures of the majestic Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur, accentuates the beauty of this ancient capital. The Kathmandu Durbar Square beams with life as every morning you can see hundreds of people visiting the temples. Know the meaning of serenity as you’ll witness hundreds of pigeons flying in that area. The construction of the Durbar Squares date back to the 16th Century, and it compels the visitors to think about the level of architectural prowess the ancient builders had. The Kathmandu Durbar Square is the epicenter of important events like the coronation of the then King BirendraBir Bikram Shah and King GyanendraBir Bikram Shah.With some part of the Durbar Squares damaged due to the devastating earthquake of 2015, some parts of the square may be inaccessible.

• Explore the villages in the outskirts of the valley:

Away from the urban hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, there lies the town of Bungmati which is famous for its mustard oil and the traditional lifestyle. A visit to this land lost in time tells you about its culture and traditions. Ancient history dictates that the village was formed when King Narendra Dev and AdiLokeshwor brought the Lord Machhendranath to Nepal to end a long period of drought. Visit the Rudrayani temple which is famous for its highly delicate architecture which was constructed in 1513 AD. Walk through the fields of mustard and head towards the Karyabinayak temple. You can visit the Machhendranathtemple (which is damaged due to the earthquake in 2015 AD). The God stands right between Hinduism and Buddhism and is the only God that does not have hands. The terraced hills combined with the beautiful ambiance makes this place worth the visit.

• Asan bazar and Indra Chowk:

There is a saying in Nepali ‘Asan ma sun dekhi noon sabbaipainxa’, which translates to you can get everything ranging from gold to salt. The Asan bazar is comparatively small in comparison to other bazars, and you’re in for a lot of pushing and jerking, but it’s all worth it in considering that Asan houses the best items of brass and copper that you could buy as souvenirs. You can visit the AkashBhairav Temple in IndraChowk. The temple is dedicated to AkashBhairav, who many believe was the first Kirati King Yalambar. According to legend, Yalambar was the first king to establish Nepal and he had fought in the famous war of Mahabharat. When Lord Krishna heard of this, he chopped Yalambar’s head and it reached Kathmandu through the sky. Hence the name given to the God of Sky.

• Escape monkeys at Swoyambhunath:

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Swoyambhunath stupa sits on the top of a small hill that overlooks the Kathmandu valley. The climb to the top of the stupa consists of numerous stone steps, and on the route, you’ll face lots of monkeys. They live near the stupa premises, and many believe that they are holy. Be careful from any monkey business that may occur. According to legend, the entire Kathmandu Valley was once an enormous lake and from there a lotus grew. The valley was later known as Swoyambhu which means ‘Self-created’. The name is derived from an eternal self-existent flame over which a stupa was built. Another inscription tells that it was built around 460 AD.On the stupa, take part in the religious ceremony, smell the incense and spin the prayer wheels there.

• Taste the delicious cuisine:

Heavy traveling requires a lot of energy, so there’s no better way to fill yourself but by tasting the local cuisines. Head towards the streets of the Durbar Squares to sample the local Newari cuisine. Try the local food like alu tama, hakuchoila, chatamari (Newari pizza), swanpuka, and the famed Juju dhau. Taste the Tibetan cuisine ‘Laphing’ and if you feel that it’s too spicy then don’t forget to try the sweet desserts like Rasbari and Lalmohan. If simplicity is your forte, then a delicious plate of Thakali is awaiting you.

• Cycling:

If you’re a biker fanatic wanting to experience various tracks along with a sprinkle of culture, then Kathmandu valley is the ultimate cycling destination.The tour will introduce you to the cultural side of Kathmandu through ancient Newari settlements in Khokana, Kirtipur and further provide you the opportunity to experience the rocky and rugged terrain of national parks and trekking spots.Pedal your way through the wild forests of Shivapuri, feel the adrenaline rush of coming downhill from Nagarkot, and experience the spectacular view of the Himalayas along with many kilometers of traversing through rice fields and local villages.