Kathmandu valley rim trek : Ultimate guide to 1 day trip

Very few people are acquainted with the trekking routes that lie on the periphery of the Kathmandu valley. Little do they know that these spots house the natural and cultural wonders which are euphoric and at the same time entices its travelers to dwell more in its arms. Embrace yourself to lose amidst the roaring waterfall of Sundarijal, face the uphill battle as you scale the road to the divine hill station of Nagarkot, and finally enjoy time for yourself as the blowing wind gently caresses your tired soul.

Breathe the crisp air straight from the abode of nature as the lush green hills of the unperturbed hill station of Nagarkot enthralls anyone that roams in its environment. This hill station is the perfect hub to escape the urban hustle. Make your way to the summit by navigating through lush greenery, quaint villages and on the route; you might be able to witness the wilderness thriving there. People are shocked by its serene ambiance, emerald hills as far the eye can see with a backdrop of the majestic crystal peaks including the Annapurna range and the Jugal range. At

Nagarkot, don’t forget to climb the view tower but don’t indulge in any monkey business.
The neighboring hill of Champadevi is another site that sits close to the capital, and it is a prime spot for hiking. Pack your bags and boots as you go through pine forests, uphill trails and fluttering prayer flags that greet you everywhere. Ascend to the summit to visit the shrines and get a panoramic view of the nearby settlements and towering mountain ranges like Langtang, Gauri Shankar, and Jugal.

Near the roaring bustle of the capital city, sits a quaint and beautiful garden which comprises of a wide array of plants and vegetation. The Godavari Botanical Garden is a must visit for those wishing to know the secrets of the flora. A hike upwards leads you to the sublime hill of Philchowki, and it is regarded as the only place near Kathmandu, where you can witness snowfall. The route provides ample time and opportunity to admire the hundreds of birds’ species inhabiting there and at the summit, bless yourself with an astounding scenery of the snow laden mountains and the entirety of the Kathmandu valley.

For those wishing to incorporate some culture in their hike without leaving the aspect of nature, then the Nagarjuna hike is made for you. Ponder on the inherent drama that this hill holds as you explore its untamed wilderness. Admire the cultural prospect as you explore the caves in which the famed Buddhist sage meditated and feast your eyes on the far away frosty peaks of Ganesh Himal and Langtang.

The periphery of the Kathmandu valley is a sitting treasure that is waiting to be found. Don’t miss this opportunity, so pack your bag, lace your boots and head towards adventure.