Amazing short adventure around Kathmandu valley

The mysteries of Kathmandu wait for exploration from the travelers and here are some of the major destinations that are guaranteed to make your trip in this magical land worth remembering.

1. Shivapuri National Park
Drench yourself in an adventure as the hiking journey inside the wild Shivapuri National Park demands every drop of your effort and concentration. Navigate through its rocky terrain and delight yourself at the sight of critters that dwell in this natural abode. The uphill hike screams greenery and scenery, and as the elevation rises, you’ll also feel the unbridled serenity deep in the laps of nature. Play in the natural springs, click photos of the surrounding mountains and don’t forget to live in that moment.

2. Pashupatinath temple
A religious awakening awaits you in the abode of the mighty Lord Shiva, who along with Lord Bishnu and Brahma is considered to be the trinity of Hinduism. Even before you enter the temple premises, prepare to be spellbound as you’ll see shops, proudly displaying their gorgeous souvenir. Head towards the temple area and witness what Nepal is all about as the antediluvian temples and monuments display elegance and architecture. Sit back and relax as you visit the Ghats were the bodies of the deceased are cremated and learn what the actual meaning of life is.

3. Cuisines of Kathmandu
Food is the universal language, and it is also spoken in Nepal. Take your palette on a journey as you embark on a journey that is filled with delicious food and drinks. The food variety fluctuates as per the people, and this voyage is nothing but impressive. Substitute the bland pizza and burgers with mo: mo and chowmin. Feast on the finger licking pakodas and samosas and while in Kathmandu, whatever you do don’t forget the authentic Newari cuisines. Choyla, haku musya are just the tip of the iceberg, and other dishes are for you to find.

4. Phulchowki bird watching
The nature lover is in for a treat in this beautiful bird watching trip. The Phulchowki hill is a serene hill that sits on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley, and its charm lies on the fact that its greenery attracts numerous species of birds and it makes it a hub for watching the beautiful birds in action. Marvel at the sight of the majestic creatures like Spiny Babbler, Yellow-Throated Minivet and other 300 species of birds. Immerse yourself in the chirping of birds, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy this blissful moment.

5. Cycling the landscape
Indulge in the act of huffing and puffing as you pedal your way through the chaotic culture of the Kathmandu valley. The ride may be a bit bumpy but comprises an incredible feeling of adventure and drama. Travel the rocky terrain of Kathmandu and indulge in the act of exploring its nook and cranny and differentiate the myths and reality. Your cycle route will let you drown in the serenity of Nagarkot plus the uphill battle will ensure that every sweat is earned.

6. Dhulikhel and Sanga
From a distance, the Mahadev statue looks small but usher forward and stands in awe at the sheer size and magnitude of this 143 feet high statue made of copper and zinc. This colossal monument blesses its followers, and they get to scan the greenery of the surrounding landscape. Head towards Dhulikhel, and from there observe the unbarred panorama of the peaks like Langtang Lirung, Gaurishankar, and Melungtse. This traditional village showcases what life is indeed about.